Personal Trainer Photoshoot with Kial

Personal Trainer Photoshoot with Kial

Today, the tables have turned and I now have the opportunity to tell my personal trainer what to do as today’s fitness shoot just happens to be with him, Kial Ritchie.

Kial works at Goodlife Health Club in Helensvale and is an amazing PT with an extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. During one of my PT sessions, Kial asked if I would be able to take some shots of him whilst in the ‘functional training zone’ which is located opposite the gym.


I decided to use blue lighting inside the gym to contrast with Kial’s skin, and to give the photos a darker and grittier feel. I also managed to get my hands on a smoke machine, which was used in several shots to add a bit of ambiance. With the help of my assistant, we set the smoke machine off and then fanned the smoke out just before each shot.

For Kial’s fitness shoot, I use my Canon 5DIII with a 24-70mm and 70-200mm. The shoot went for approximately one hour and was a heap of fun. After making Kial hold certain poses for a lengthy amount of time, I have no doubt that my next PT session with him is going to be brutal!

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