Matt, Personal Trainer at Goodlife Helensvale

Matt, Personal Trainer at Goodlife Helensvale

If you’re after a Personal Trainer who really does ‘practice what they preach’, then Matt is definitely the trainer for you!

Matt is an enthusiastic and motivated personal trainer who is dedicated to tailoring a program to suit his clients’ needs to ensure they see results fast. He is based at Goodlife Health Clubs in Helensvale, which is where our photoshoot took place. We used the Functional Training Zone, utilising most of the equipment in the room.

We decided to start the shoot with deadlifts, using a blue filter to achieve a slightly more gritty look. After making Matt deadlift 150kg a few too many times, we moved on to some different exercise. Between tricep dips, pushups, punching bag crunches, snatch’s, chin-ups and bicep curls we achieved some amazing shots that showed off Matt’s rock solid physique.

Matt made everything look so effortless and is such a great role model. If you would like more information about personal training from Matt, you can contact him by going to

Matt specialises in fat loss and lean muscle gain, nutrition & supplementation, and body sculpting competition preparation. His achievements include 2011 INBA Australian Titles – men’s intermediate 3rd place,  2011 INBA Tasmanian Titles – men’s intermediate 1st place & overall men’s state title holder and 2011 NABBA/WFF Tasmanian Titles – WFF class 2, 1st place & overall men’s stage title holder among others.

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