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Jessica Rabbit Glamour Shot “Before and After”

Jessica Rabbit Glamour Shot “Before and After”


Just a quick blog post today. I wanted to share a “Before and After” from a photoshoot I did with Dahna a while ago.

Working with Makeup artist Laura Hay, we were attempting to recreate an iconic image of Jessica Rabbit. We didn’t have a dimly lit bar, or a microphone, so we used a crumbled black bedsheet, a red broom, and some imagination with Adobe Photoshop.

View the full size image to fully appreciate the retouching involved.

Dahna as Jessica Rabbit (Before)Dahna as Jessica Rabbit (After)

Isaac is fantastic to work with. He knows how to make you look good and provides a fun atmosphere that keeps you at ease! I highly recommend his work. And his post production skills are amazing! Whether you want flawless perfection or just a little touch up – he can do it all!

– Dahna

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