Danielle Grunge Fashion Portrait

Gold Coast Grunge Fashion Shoot with Danielle

Gold Coast Grunge Fashion Shoot with Danielle

I really couldn’t wait to share these photos from a recent portfolio shoot I had the pleasure of shooting with Danielle Hastie!

Danielle and I have been wanting to collaborate for ages, and we finally got the chance to do just that, last weekend. We used a secret Gold Coast location, with Julieanne Edwards providing Makeup and Hair, and Styling by the model.

As Danielle is quite experienced at modelling, I asked if she could share some modelling tips.

Practice in front of a mirror and find poses you find flattering before shooting so you feel more comfortable and prepared during the shoot. You can’t have too much practice!

Don’t go more than 5 photos without completely changing your photo. A brand new pose in the same environment can have a totally different look and feel. After each photo, try to change your pose in a small way: a small shift of the head, repositioning of arms, body, and legs. This can also help the photographer as he can see what does and doesn’t work, and direct you accordingly.

When posing, you don’t always need to look straight at the camera. Some of the most beautiful pictures can be captured be looking just a little bit away from the camera. Exaggerate curves as it doesn’t look as extreme in the photo as it feels and gives your body more shape. If you are unsure on how you look, be comfortable asking the photographer, he will tell you if it isn’t working. Never be afraid to ask!

Finally, Be daring! Climb up on things and use anything that is around you in the shot so you look amongst the setting not just placed there.

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