Photoshoot of Emma training at Reebok Crossfit Centre Gold Coast

Crossfit Photoshoot with Emma

Crossfit Photoshoot with Emma

I have a new-found appreciation for anyone who has the stamina and determination to do Crossfit training! I met with Emma and her partner Phil (the Fatburner!) at the Reebook Crossfit Centre Gold Coast for todays shoot. Both Phil and Emma are personal trainers at Goodlife Robina and share an awesome Body Transformations blog.

After speaking with Emma we decided on a ‘Crossfit Lifestyle’ photoshoot inside the crossfit centre where she trains. Poor Emma had to repeat the exercises over and over again so that we could get the perfect shot, as the flashes took 2 seconds to recharge between each shot. Lucky for us, it wasn’t a problem with her endurance and conditioning.

For more impact, a colour scheme was selected for each photo such as purple/blue and purple/red, with gym equipment and clothing being re-coloured to suit the theme using Adobe Photoshop. I’ve included a before-and-after below to demonstrate. The photos were shot with the retouching in mind, so the lighting was harsher than I would have otherwise done.

I was extremely impressed with Emmas results from completing the Goodlife 12 week challenge, and can’t wait to see how her and Phil are looking after another year of training. Beautiful Monique (my partner) assisted with the photoshoot, and Hair and Makeup by Julieanne Edwards, and Emma was able to keep the makeup on as she was going out afterwards!

Before & After photo of Emma performing a kettlebell swing. Photography and retouching by Isaac Insoll.

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