Female Fitness Model Candice Photography by Isaac Insoll

Candice: Female Fitness Photoshoot

Candice: Female Fitness Photoshoot

Wow! What an inspiration it was today working with Candice. Candice was referred to me by George Saragas from Get Motivated Personal Training Studio, who I had the pleasure of meeting during a shoot I did with Georgia.

Candice had been training hard and eating clean for months while preparing for not one, but TWO fitness competitions she had coming up. With such an amazing physique, Candice was wanting to remember all of her work by capturing her hard earned efforts with a photoshoot.

Candice had an early start to the day with Julieanne Edwards taking care of hair and makeup, opting for a “Smokey Eyes” look.

We started the shoot at the beach. Even with the extremely windy conditions, Candice was a true professional and we captured some amazing shots. When the wind started to pick up even more, we decided to head back to the studio to finish off with an in-studio shoot.

Back at the studio, we decided to start with a plain black backdrop. By not having any distractions in the background, all attention is really drawn to the definition of Candice’s sculpted muscles. We experimented with different poses, lighting and angles to highlight particular areas of Candice’s body to show off her physique.

It was a pleasure working with Candice and I would like to wish her all the best with future body sculpting competitions.

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